2 Wheels – 6 Cylinders – 1 Supercharger

Over the weekend I went to the Summer Nationals in Worcester MA (pronounced “Woostah” FWIW). Saturday was 90+ degrees and the dark clouds were becoming slightly threatening. Luckily, the car, truck, and motorcycle enthusiasts didn’t seem bothered by it. Speaking of motorcycles… I found one that I really liked while I was there. When it idled past me through the show, I did a triple-take because I couldn’t believe what the heck I was looking at.  This guy had a 6 cylinder motorcycle (probably 1000cc’s worth), with a big supercharger strapped to it. Simply… Awesome. And the sound of it… It sounded like it was running on TNT filled popcorn in a closed garage full of angry vacuum cleaners. If anybody at the show deserved some high 5’s and free iced cold bottled waters, it was this guy.  This thing was winning.

Jeremy Nutt

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  1. Stock 1047 cc in a bicycle frame (matter of fact, the engine was most of the frame!)early ’80s Honda CBX…friend of mine had one with an open 6 to 1 header. That thing screamed like a MIG jet!

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