Video: The Birth of the Ford Focus RS 500


This car needs to be talked about more, because it is something very special.  It is the 2011 Ford Focus Rs 500.  It comes with 345 horsepower and 339 ft lbs of torque that will likely fry the tires off on command.  The engine is a 5 cylinder turbocharged 2.5L.  Thats 2.25 horsepower per cubic inch folks, otherwise known as absolutely un….real from a factory engine.  For reference, the new Corvette ZR1 makes 638 horsepower from 378 cubic inches, which is just shy of 1.7 horsepower per cubic inch.  So yes, this Focus is special.  It is a limited production car, with only 500 being produced. Unfortunately for the American enthusiasts, we won’t be receiving any of these.  None, zip, zilch, zero, nadda.  They are all being sold in European markets, and many of them are already spoken for.  So you will never get to wash those 19 inch wheels, or feel the smooth vinyl coating.  All you are able to do is watch Focus RS Youtube videos in your pajamas and dream of the ungodly fwd burnouts that you would be doing in your neighbors driveway if you owned one of these. Dream on.

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  1. That is definitely one sweet Ford, but don’t forget about the Evo FQ400 (only sold in GB). 400hp from a 2.0L, or about 3.28 hp/CI 🙂

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