Rocker Panels, Who Needs Them? Not This Guy.

You know how sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach when you’re at a restaurant?  Well I have that problem with old rusty junk cars.  I see a car that looks like it was likely deemed unrestorable in the early 1980’s, and I decide I need to save it. UGH.  I then drag it out of a ditch, trailer it’s dead body home and unload it into its final resting place in my yard.  Around this moment is when my brain is released from ambition prison, and I say “oh crap, what have I just done?!”  Before long I am knee deep in sandblasting sand, MIG welding wire and receipts for sheetmetal.  Rather than spending a grand on a solid car from Arizona, I spend 10,000 hours restoring a rot box from the north east.  What the heck is wrong with me?  Do other people make bad decisions like this or am I alone here?

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

3 thoughts to “Rocker Panels, Who Needs Them? Not This Guy.”

  1. For some people it’s about the process, not the value. If working on rust boxes is something you enjoy, that’s worth more than the end result.

    If not, then yeah, something’s wrong with you!

  2. Yes sir, Mr. Nutt sir I have to agree with you. Let me tell you of a bad decision from years ago. Got word from the friend of a friend, that a 2001 Jag in Boston could be had for a song…so I asked what’s wrong?….”oh, engine runs great, body looks good, interior perfect, transmission shifts and everything. The car can’t go no where because the passenger side rear shock/or suspension has broken and the right rear wheel is rubbing on the fender.$2k, clean title.”

    So, without a thorough inspection of the under-body, I towed the car on a flat-bed trailer, from Randolph MA, to Kansas City Missouri, driving a Ford 350 dually. The broken shock turned out to be the entire right side, and most of the underbelly of the rear section of the car had simply rotted away. The gas tank was just waiting to fall off.I was quite unprepared for this level of restoration. Lesson learned on North Eastern rolling iron.

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