Friday = 2JZ in a 1993 Mustang

Monday = We had an awd turbo dune buggy
Tuesday = It was old-school vs. new-school with the 1929 Whippet SRT-4
Wednesday = There was no choice but to go with the hand built Toyota 2000GT
Thursday = An incredible  ’69 Porsche GT3 build.
Friday = 1993 Mustang notchback with a 2JZ Toyota Supra engine.

I know that today’s build will be hated by some and loved by others, but regardless of personal opinions, it makes an impact.  Today’s project is a fox body Mustang notchback with a 2JZ Toyota Supra engine swap built by a guy named Dan (2JZstang) on  It makes 650 horsepower at the wheels on E85 fuel and runs a 9.74 quarter mile at 144 mph.  Sick fast. It took him a few years to build it on a budget, and it was almost sold off at one point, but in the end his dream prevailed.  In it’s current state, is brutally awesome, sicknasty fast, and well deserving of high 5’s from every enthusiast in his area code.

Here are a few modifications worth noting:
– 6 Point Cage
– 2JZ engine with stock internals
– Billet Precision Turbo
– 4″ exhaust
– coilovers
– Built 8.8 rear

Videos FTW.

The full build can be found here:

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8 thoughts to “Friday = 2JZ in a 1993 Mustang”

  1. Oh my. Have you heard of the 67 Camaro that has a 2JZ in it?! Or is it a RB26…. I don’t remember. One of the two. Either way – it’s sicknasty, too.

    I love swaps like this. \o/ I would give this guy high 5s for every DB who doesn’t.

  2. While I am a Fox body lover (and owner of a modified ’90 LX hatch), swaps like this really don’t bother me.

    Even if it’s a Chevy LS motor going into a Mustang, it’s still a Mustang, and not a Camaro. The fact that the builder chose a Mustang to carry his motor says a lot about how well these cars work for going fast.

  3. i want ask you about the speed sensor how can you connected or how can you swap between 2 line to 3 line i min between mustang transmission to supra transmission because i have mustang and i swap the engine and i get the 2jz engine and the 1jz transmission but i don’t no how can i connect the speed sensor please if you no tell me in my email

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