Top 10: Cars I Wanted For Christmas

As I sit here relaxing on the day after Christmas, I find myself perusing eBay for cars I have no room, time, or money for. Without letting reality get in the way of a good blog, I’m going forward with my “Top 10: Cars on eBay that I wanted for Christmas” list! In no particular order:

1) 1939 Studebaker Coupe Pickup Truck. Yes, coupe…… pickup. It apparently sat in California for quite some time, so the frame is still there, unlike anything in the north east.  Old black paint is also my favorite color.
Item # 160514350556

2) 1953 Chevy Belair convertible.  These things are cool with a capital C.  The grille on these things makes them look like they eat prius’s for breakfast.  All this thing needs is a bath and a 4 inch channel job to get it closer to earth.  Luckily(?) the bottom half of the car rotted away long ago, which means there will be less metal to cut out.
Item # 280605182223

3) 1958 MGA roadster.  I have always liked the looks of these things, and I even sat in a coupe version at Toad Hall once.  These things are super low, pretty small, and MUST be hysterically fun to drive at 9/10’s of what they are capable of.  I would probably 2JZ it if it were mine just to keep it scary.
Item # 270677824778


4) 1954 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. I’m going to throw this out there and if you don’t agree, just throw it back at me:  1950’s Cadillacs are some of the most stylish cars to ever come out of Detroit.  Just look at the bumperettes and body lines.  I wouldn’t have the heart to slice and dice one of these.  It flows too perfectly as is, much like the Buicks of the same era.  Incredible from all angles…… except where they labeled it under the right headlight.
Item # 170578239469

5) 1936 Hudson Terraplane.  No returnsies it says, not sure why.  Anyway, 2 door sedans from the 1930’s are quite hip in my mind because of their cool front ends, and the fact that the back seating area was big enough to have a 12 person game of freeze tag in.  I don’t know why the people in the back seat of 1930’s cars needed room to stand up and walk around, but I guess they did.  Bullet holes or not, I would like to see this arrive in my driveway.
Item # 290509929475

6) 1995 Nissan 240sx.  There is something cool about this body style 240 that I like.  This one isn’t the nicest, looks nose heavy for some reason, and was parking like this to make it look lower than it is.  However, its rwd, manual transmission, and once some forced induction is thrown at it, it could probably move along quite swimmingly.
Item # 220712934063

7) 2004 Silverado, not stock.  I love trucks that sit on the ground and tuck tons of wheel.  Tuckin’ lug nuts would be better, but wheel is acceptable.  While this particular truck is a bit too nice for my taste, I’m adding it to the day late Xmas wish list because its the closest truck that I can find to suit my slammed full size taste.
Item # 290514192082

8 ) 1941 Chevy COE.  These trucks are so funny looking that I would love to own one.  They are as close to a cartoon vehicle as I can get.  Plus they are COE’s  (Cab Over Engine) for god sakes!  You just have to be sure you have really good brakes with these because you will always be the first one at the scene of the accident. Eeeek!
Item # 120658722683

9) 2000 Ferrari 355.  On the whole, I don’t really like nice cars, which is why I picked the crappiest Ferrari on eBay.  It’s clearly burned to a crisp, and probably stolen, VINless, and untitleable.  However, assuming it was “legal”, I would thoroughly enjoy rebuilding a car like this.  I would also not feel bad about modifying it either because its junk to begin with.  Stuff a supercharged LS7 in it? Sure! Why not!?
Item # 270677596845

10) 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP.  G8’s look like an enormous amount of fun.  Sure, you can make fun of the looks, or the fact that it has 4 doors, but when it comes down to it, it’s got a V8, manual transmission, rear wheel drive, and its new.  That means it will start in the morning, when its cold, or when its hot, without pumping any pedals or crossing your fingers.  WIN!
Item # 150533905508

Yeah, I like a lot of oddball stuff…..

So what cars were you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year??

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  1. GM, stop playing with my heart and bring back the G8 (like you keep saying you will every other week). Mine’s lonely and needs some company on these new england roads!

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