Top Problems on the 2002-2006 Chevy Avalanche

Mechanic next to Chevy Avalanche

Common first-generation Chevy Avalanche problems include a tailgate that won’t latch, a tailgate with a broken handle that won’t open, or faded plastic panels that need restoration. All vehicles have their common problems, so our experts went over the top problems owners experience with the Chevy Avalanche, some of their causes, and how to fix them.

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Common 7th Gen 2013-19 Nissan Sentra Problems

Mechanic showing Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra is a daily driver for many, and there’s nothing wrong with buying or owning one, but different car models usually come with different kinds of problems. A Nissan Sentra with problems like stalling or misfiring might be more common than you think. We cover the top problems owners experience with the 7th generation Nissan Sentra, years 2013-2019, and what each of these common problems’ symptoms, causes, and fixes are.

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Common Problems on the 1994-04 Chevy S10

Mechanic showing Chevy S10 Problems

1994-2004 Chevy S10 common problems include intermittent starting, an S10 that won’t start after sitting, an S10 that turns over but won’t start, and other issues like fuel pump problems. Find out their symptoms, causes and fixes as we explore the top problems on the 2nd generation of Chevy S10 trucks, also known as the Chevy S-10 or Chevy S-series.

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Common Problems on the 2009-20 Nissan 370Z

Common Problems Nissan 370Z

The Z is a classic sports car with generations spanning for decades. As with any vehicle, each generation has common issues, and in this article, we review the signs, causes, and fixes for the most common problems with the 6th generation Nissan 370Z, years 2009-2020.

Top 5 Issues 6th Gen Nissan 370Z (2009-2020)

1. Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) Failure

Symptoms of CSC Failure

Hose/line and bleeder valve on driver side of 370z transmission where clutch fluid may leak
Line and bleeder valve on driver side of transmission where clutch fluid may leak
  • Clutch pedal stays depressed and 370Z won’t go into gear after trying to shift
  • Sometimes the 370Z doesn’t pull out of gear when driving
  • If the two symptoms above occur, the brake master cylinder and clutch reservoir will be low on fluid and probably leaking underneath. Clutch fluid might be leaking outside of the driver side of the transmission housing, near the hose and bleeder valve, where the slave cylinder is located.

Causes of CSC Failure

Concentric slave cylinder failure on the Nissan 370Z is usually caused by low or leaking clutch fluid, which can wear out parts and create other problems like a worn clutch.

How to Fix CSC Failure

  • If the slave cylinder is broken and needs replacing, the clutch likely needs to be replaced and the flywheel likely needs to be resurfaced and replaced. Consider replacing the bad slave cylinder with a heavy duty slave cylinder
  • Sometimes a clutch fluid flush will fix CSC failure on the 09-20 Z. Refill the system with DOT 4 clutch fluid because it has a better temperature rating for the transmission than the DOT 3 fluid inside

2. Rear Axle Click

Symptoms of Rear Axle Click

Clicking sound from the rear wheel when it is turning

Causes of Rear Axle Click on the 09-20 370Z

The axle nut on the 370Z and its retainer stretch apart and loosen despite the extra security from the cotter pin

How to Fix Rear Axle Click

Purchase a specially-designed aftermarket nut that has locks built in so it can be torqued without loosening

3. Fuel Starvation

Symptoms of Fuel Starvation on the 370Z

Engine spits and sputters when driving

Causes of Fuel Starvation

Low fluid in the fuel tank can move around and cause the fuel tank to draw in air

How to Fix Fuel Starvation

Prevent fuel starvation on the 370Z by keeping the gas tank closer to FULL

4. Steering Wheel Lock—Faulty Steering Lock Mechanism

Symptoms of Steering Wheel Lock

370Z may enter accessory mode but won’t start and the steering wheel won’t unlock

Causes of Steering Wheel Lock

A broken electronic steering control lockout (ESCL) module can keep the steering wheel from unlocking. If the steering wheel can’t unlock, the 370Z won’t start.

How to Fix Steering Wheel Lock

  • A potential temporary fix to unlock the steering wheel is to tap the ESCL module for a few times with a solid object like a smart phone.
  • A long-term fix is to replace the ESCL module

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5. High Oil Consumption

Symptoms of High Oil Consumption

Engine ticking/knocking, especially when accelerating

Causes of 370Z High Oil Consumption

Low oil level causes high oil consumption. If the oil level is not low, see if the engine is near the oil change interval

How to Fix High Oil Consumption

  • Adding a little engine oil might help reduce the ticking noise if the 370Z is not due for an oil change soon
  • If the 370Z is under warranty, the dealer can run an oil consumption test to see how much is consumed by mileage over time. The 370Z will most likely get a new engine small block if it’s within the expectations
  • If the 370Z is not under warranty, try installing an oil catch can and keep up with oil change intervals

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