Everyone Should Attend A Racing School

With every year that passes there are more and more drivers on the road. Introduce the cell phone into this equation and things can get down right hairy out there.

I see people following to closely, driving to fast during bad weather conditions, not giving enough room for lane changes, and not knowing when to apply the brakes.

So here’s where the racing school comes in, strap in and buckle up we’re going for a ride!

A couple of years ago I strapped into a cup car and attended class at the www.theracingschool.com. As an avid race fan I couldn’t wait to fire up my car and start turning left around New Hampshire’s Louden Speedway. Before we began we were taken into a class and the teacher (dressed in a fire suit), gave us some pointers on how to get around the speedway, when to brake, and also how get out of the racing groove and let a faster car pass.

Next we all hopped into a mini van and went around the track at about 80 MPH.The instructor showed us when to apply the brakes at the first cone they had at the end of the front stretch,and then to release the brake pedal at the second cone right before you actually enter the turn. This lets the suspension in the car set up as you go through the turn. About 3/4 of the way through the turn they showed us how to get back into the throttle and exit the turn down the back stretch.

Now this sounds like a lot of fun and all but how would it help the average driver? What I learned in the driving class is how to be more aware  when a vehicle passes you, how far away to stay from the car in front of you, and also how to properly enter a turn in a car. I see a lot of drivers turn off the highway at 60 mph get into the exit ramp and then jamb on the brakes, this is how you loose control of the vehicle.

There are many different driving schools, this is just one example. Skip Barber is another excellent school with many different tracks and cars to try out. There are also driving schools that you can use your own vehicle in, and an instructor will show you what your car can and can’t do.

All of this enables you to push a car to it’s limits in a controlled environment. By showing people how to become a more advanced driver, and giving them the experience and knowledge of how to properly drive a car, it would make the roads a safer place.

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