Because Beautiful Welding Never Gets Old.

In the past, we have touched upon my borderline insane slight obsession with welding once or twice. I just can’t seem to get over the inherent beauty of taking two solid metals, liquifying them with massive amounts of electricity, and watching them flow into each other while hiding behind copious amounts of safety equipment. It’s unbelievably gratifying. The ultra violet light shines brilliantly from the tip of the torch as if it were full of magic, which it is. You are more or less in charge of a mini version of the sun, and you can do whatever you want with it. Liquify a little mild steel here, then maybe some aluminum over there, and if you feel wild, you challenge yourself on some copper.  Then, when that perfect weld happens, you feel as if you just invented the wheel.  High 5’s are handed out by the dozen, and much rejoicing takes place.  Unfortunately, to make consistently beautiful welds takes crazy amounts of skill.  The kind of rare skill that many people do not have, including myself.  The good news is that some of those rare people that are that good at welding take pictures of their work for people like us to sit back and dream about.  “Califonia Jay” from VWVortex is one of those people.

With the magic of the internet, I happened to land on California Jay’s Cardomain page where he has posted up many examples of his metallic art work.  It is a variety of hottness, ranging from custom exhaust and intake manifolds, to modified turbos, his own 400 horsepower A4, and a truly insane SL-C Monocoque project.  The welding is amazing throughout all 6 pages, and his fabrication & design skills in general are top notch as well. When you’re good, you’re good… and this guy?  He’s good!

Images borrowed from his Cardomain page. Seriously, check it out. It’s absurdly impressive.

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  1. That’s really beautiful! Because Beautiful Welding Never Gets Old! Sure you’re a pro! I don’t know if i ever could do something like that!If i do, i would feel as i just invented the wheel.

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