69 AMC Scrambler

I’ve always been a fan of these fast little cars. It seems as though all of the best cars were built in 1969 and 1970. For those of you that are wondering what the heck this car is, it’s a 1969 AMC Scrambler. For those of you who encountered one at a stop light back in the day, you’d better tighten up on that belt because these little cars came with a 390 and would rip off a 14.3 in the quarter mile, which was pretty darn fast in 1969.

American Motors and Hurst got together to introduce the SC/Rambler. The plan was for at least 500 units to be built that would enable the Rambler to qualify for stock classes in drag racing. The car was fitted with a 390 V8 engine, a functional ram air hood, and had 315 HP coupled with 425 LBS of torque!

1,512 units were eventually built and about 1,200 of them sported the red, white and blue color scheme as pictured above. ¬†AMC had a pretty limited advertising budget, but the car did a great job of screaming “I’M HERE!”

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  1. In 1966 I bought a 65 Mustang and it would do the low 15’s 225 horse with a four speed, loved that car. Mostly due to the drivers I never got beat on the street by a Camaro but it was the drivers fault not the car and it did 25 MPG no sweat speedometer registered 140 MPH I had it to 110 once but I felt I was losing steering so I shut it down, nuts ain’t I

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