Fire Up The RV It’s Time To Go Camping

If you like camping as much as I do, once the warm weather hits, its hard to contain yourself. There are some great places to go camping in New England, especially up in the White Mountain region. In the mountains you can find anything from state parks to places like Tripoli Road where you can pretty much just pull off and setup camp.

If you own an RV, take the time to mechanically go through your rig before heading out on your first trip. Make sure all of the brake lines are intact and not rotting, inspect the tires for wear and dry rot, take a look at the exhaust system, and also during the spring  is a great time to change the oil and do a tune up if you need to.

RVs are a little different than cars in a sense that they sit quite a bit,and where they sit (typically in the grass on the side of your house) sets up a perfect scenario for things to corrode and dry rot. This has also been a pretty bad winter in different parts of the country, and with that comes mice looking for a place to keep warm.

Before starting your motorhome inspect the air filter to make sure that it hasn’t been turned into a Habitrail. Often these things can become a nice little cozy home complete with bedding and a stock pile of food while your new resident waits for the spring.

About an hours worth of a good inspection every spring may save you from being stranded on the side of the road while you’re on your way for a great weekend of fun with the family.

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