320 All Wheel Horsepower Wrapped In a Plaid Wagon

A friend of mine has a totally sweet Subaru Wagon that really deserves to be appreciated by the masses.  You may have seen it once before way back in the day when it was a different color.  Luckily for us, the plaid hood survived the color change.  The body was not the only thing that changed with this car though over the last year.  The last time I bragged about it, the engine bay was chalk full of weakness, sorrow, and sad faces. Not so much anymore…

See, Nick loves his wagon, and every awd wagon deserves 300+ horsepower.  So Nick, along with his friend Greg, swapped an EJ20 engine with an EVOIII turbo strapped to it, into this  little  family truckster.  Sure, there were some headaches along the way, but it currently makes over 300 awd horsepower and 300 ft lbs of torque.  That should be enough to get your groceries home safely in a snowstorm.

These pictures were taken by a very talented Photographer named Matt M. at a local Subaru show.  You can see more of his great photography on his Photobucket Page.

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