Fact: This Is The Greatest Table Ever Made.

A friend forwarded me an email this morning that he received from Lincoln Electric (The Welding Experts).  In this email was the most fantastic table that mankind has ever witnessed.  It is made entirely of old wrenches & engine parts.  Does it get any better than that?  Let me answer that for you – no, no it does not.

Eric Stern is the man behind this work of art. According to the email I received, he is the IT Director for MEDCO Tool, which is a tool, equipment, paint, and body supply wholesale distributor. He made this table for the conference room in his office. Being a tool distributor, the obvious building material was…well…..tools.  With the help of his Lincoln Electric SP-135T wire feed welder, he stuck together about 100 wrenches. All of those wrenches are supported by a crankshaft, and 6 pistons with connecting rods still attached hold the glass steady.  Down at the bottom are three gigantic striking wrenches that look like they weigh 20 lbs each.  Each striking wrench has a wheel attached because carrying this 150 lb table likely isn’t much fun.  The entire thing was coated in clear coat for protection, and the completed project is really a work of art.  I can’t put together a great enough sentence to describe just how much I love this table, so I will make up a word instead.  It is utterly “omni-tooltastic”.  Eric – you can’t see me, but I’m giving you a round of applause right now.

……….  Looks like I gotta start collecting old wrenches now….great.

Special thanks to John R for the Tip!!

Images borrowed from: http://email.lincolnelectric.com

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9 thoughts to “Fact: This Is The Greatest Table Ever Made.”

  1. I’d prefer an 8 Cylinder table myself. Don’t have to worry about gas mileage on this one!! That is pretty awsome though. Now I know what tools from flea markets are used for

  2. It’s like an evil, horribly awesome piece of art. I’d leave the glass off, so people don’t cover it with stuff!

  3. I think it could be better. The collection of wrenches just looks like a mess to me. My first impression didn’t include the realization that there was a mess of wrenches under there, I had at first thought how cool this would be if the pistons were mounted to a set of articulated connecting arms, all linked to each other and geared by a central shaft to change the height of the table. And then I looked closer and saw that it’s really just a random looking bunch of stuff tacked together. ‘Wrenched Knee’, ha! – This table can really break some nuts loose…

  4. Those dang welders will weld anything together, I always did,. what is with the posting comments to fast ? wow how long do you have to take to get past that one

  5. I would like to see the weld beads as that is the art not the wrenches and engine parts, of course I am a hard core welder . interesting but I have seen much better .

  6. I looked as best I could at the welds and it looks like it may fall apart if you sit something on the table of any weight. sorry but it is not welded very well .

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