Wow, An Original Model T Still Exists!

When you go to a car show or cruise night, there is never a shortage of hotrodded Model T’s.  This is totally understandable considering that Henry produced 15 million of them by 1927.  That’s a heaping amount of rolling stock for us to still be playing with.  What really impresses me though, is when I get to see an “original” one.  I’m not talking about a restored Model T in original form, as those are somewhat plentiful as well.  I am talking about one that has never been sliced up, or taken apart.  One that you know has all of the original bolts that an assembly line worker installed nearly 90 years ago. That is a special car, a real survivor.  You know that the car was delicately cared for by multiple generations so that a piece of American history could be passed on to the next.  Cars like that have character that restored cars can’t compete with, and can’t be reproduced.  They have bumps and bruises with stories to match.

From what I can see, this car that I spotted on eBay is one of these cars. It was originally listed as a 1924 Model T, but through some detective work it was determined to be a 1922 model.  The engine was found to be built in October of 1922, which sealed the deal. It was apparently driven to its current location 14 years ago, put on blocks, and been a conversation piece ever since.  On one hand, I can appreciate the care that the car has received, but on the other hand, its almost too bad that it wasn’t driven for enjoyment.  To each their own I suppose.  The pictures below show a beautifully dry looking Model T sporting much of its original sheetmetal, and drivetrain.  The running boards have their distinctive “Ford” logo, the odometer reads an amazing 25,721 miles (wait, is that high or low?), and the front suspension is early 1900’s technology at its finest.  Starting bid is $6500, and there is a buy it now price of $8000.  Honestly, I don’t know if that is a good price or not because I’m not “in the market” for any more vehicles that I wont drive. I do know that there are not a ton of unrestored model T’s out there that look this fresh though, soooo….. your turn.

eBay Item # 180683318161

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