How NOT To Replace Control Arm Bushings 101.

I don’t own the proper tool to replace control arm bushings. Flat out. I don’t have one.”  Ok, now that we have that statement out of the way, I’d like you to know that it hasn’t stopped me from replacing them anyway.  It is just 47,000 times harder and requires a:

  • Serious vice (now damaged)
  • Torch
  • Large hammer
  • Air chisel
  • Variety of hand chisels & punches
  • A Sawzall with a new blade
  • Every ounce of strength that you can call upon

Once you have all of these items gathered, just forget about doing this job, because it is stupid.  Seriously, just go buy, rent, borrow, or steal the right tool for the job. You will be happier because it took zero time, you’ll have less injuries, and your vice will still work.

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6 thoughts to “How NOT To Replace Control Arm Bushings 101.”

    1. Edd China is great when it comes to “having a go with bushes”, but he could not have handle this little rascal. I think the Ameerrrrican “bushes” are in tighter than the British ones.

  1. A 2 inch long piece of proper diameter steel exhaust pipe (inside diameter should be just a tiny bit larger than the bushing). A 4 inch or longer large bolt with nut and 4-6 large washers (2-3 washers same diameter as bushing, 2-3 larger diameter than the piece of pipe. Make your own bushing puller. I’ll have to make a video on this one day 🙂

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