1972 Nova Project: Repairing The New Roof Edition

The last time that we had talked about the 1972 Nova project was when I had cut off the old roof skin, and rested the “new” one in its place.  Since then, I welded the skin into its new home, and began repairing the sections of it that were rotted.  Now, before I go any further, you might be saying “You replaced a rotted roof skin with a rotted roof skin? What the what?!”  And the answer is yes. Yes I did. See, people in New England can’t have nice things because of rust. The “new” roof was “very solid” (for New England metal) except for the whole rear section where the glass sits.  Water had clearly pooled there for quite a while and destroyed all the metal in that area.  BUT. Replacing that section was about one thousand times easier than replacing the entire middle of the old roof.  So that’s what I did.

Once the back of the roof was somewhat together, I decided to see how terrible the front sheetmetal was going to fit.  That process would have gone really well if the mounts for the lower fender bolts still existed. Sadly they did not.  So, I now I have to make those.  Great.


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6 thoughts to “1972 Nova Project: Repairing The New Roof Edition”

  1. Very nice welding & fabrication work on the Nova roof. Live in the rust belt and understand how much fun it is to deal with. Look forward to more updates as you move along.

    1. Thank John! It’s crazy how long this sort of metal fabrication takes to do, but when you stand back and look at it at the end of the day, it becomes worth all the hard work. I always have a great sense of accomplishment when I finish repairing panels like these.

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