28’s On Your Wrangler: “Carolina Boi” Edition.

Back in my high school days, installing 20 inch wheels on your truck was a serious endeavor.  We were notching A-arms, trimming wheel wells, rolling fenders, and absolutely ruining our 3-point turning abilities.  These days, 20’s come stock on a bunch of trucks and Jeep Wranglers on eBay are rollin’ on 28’s boi.  I must admit, a Jeep on 28’s seems about as logical as adding bead-locked Super Swampers on a Trans Am, but hey, to each their own.  The first person to post up a Ghost Riding video link gets a free Upvote from me!  8 more pics after the Jump! >

Images from Ebay Item # 190489763787

Jeremy Nutt

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4 thoughts to “28’s On Your Wrangler: “Carolina Boi” Edition.”

    1. Frank, I agree with you. I appreciate all automotive customizing, but when it comes to Jeeps, you just gotta run big knobby mud tires. It’s should be a requirement at the vehicle inspection station. “Umm sir, where are your 38 inch Swampers? I’m unable to pass this vehicle without them.

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