Top 5 Chrysler 300 Problems: 2nd Generation (2011 to 2020)

The Chrysler 300 has existed since 2005. This post reviews the most common Chrysler 300 problems owners have run into with the 2nd generation, years 2011 to 2020.

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Top 5 2nd Gen Chrysler 300 Issues (2011 to 2020)

1. Window Regulator and Motor

Symptoms of a Bad Window Regulator and Motor

  • Window is stuck in the up or down position

Causes of a Bad Window Regulator and Motor

The window regulator and power window motor are the most common problems for issues with the windows working.

How to Fix a Bad Window Regulator and Motor

Remove the door panel to access the window regulator and the power window motor

2. Steering Column Squeak

Symptoms of Steering Column Squeak

  • Squeak at the base of the steering column when turning the steering wheel

Causes of Steering Column Squeak

The lower steering shaft seal can dry out and cause a squeaking noise.

How to Fix Steering Column Squeak

Remove the kick panel to access the steering shaft that’s located through the firewall. Lubricate the seal on the lower steering shaft, which should eliminate the noise.

3. Transmission Shifting Problems

Symptoms of Transmission Shifting Problems on the 2nd Gen Chrysler 300

  • Rough shifting or stutter in between shifting gears

Causes of Transmission Shifting Problems

This is caused by a programming issue with the transmission.

How to Fix Transmission Shifting Problems

Bring the 300 to a Chrysler dealership or a shop that can program vehicles and they will update it.

4. Carbon Build Up on Valves

Symptoms of Carbon Build Up on Valves

  • Check engine light is on and flashing for a P0300 code
  • Engine misfires

Causes of Carbon Build Up on Valves

Carbon build up on the valves tends to cause a flashing check engine light and misfires on the 2nd gen Chrysler 300.

How to Fix Carbon Build Up on Valves

This happens to a lot of vehicles, especially ones that are direct injected. Replace the valve spring retainers. Chrysler has updated the valve spring retainers to prevent this problem.

5. Heating and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) System Odor

Symptoms of HVAC System Odor Problems on the 2011 to 2020 Chrysler 300

  • Musty odor emitting from the vents, usually after using the AC

Causes of HVAC System Odor

Moisture builds up on the evaporative core and causes the odor

How to Fix HVAC System Odor

Dodge released a cleaner disinfectant coating to apply the evaporative core

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Top 5 Chrysler 300 Problems: 2nd Generation (2011 to 2020)
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