Absolute Win: Pictures of Old Abandoned Roads

We drive on the open roads each day never giving a whole lot of thought about them.   Do you ever begin to wonder what happens when a road becomes less traveled?  How about when it’s blocked off and forgotten about?  Have you ever seen one built but never actually opened to traffic?  How about when the land reclaims the asphalt by force?  You may not realize it, but pictures of abandoned roads are an absolute win on many levels.  Is it lame to say that these roads have reached the end of the road? You decide.

All of these great photos from a www.Motivemag.com discussion forum.

Jeremy Nutt

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9 thoughts to “Absolute Win: Pictures of Old Abandoned Roads”

  1. That aerial shot of the abandoned ramps is quite intriquing too. It's interesting how an abandoned road can look so ancient in a short time.

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