All Wheel Drive Civic Hatchback with a 4G63 Turbo Swap

Yes, this is real life. Right now on Craigslist, there is a guy trying to sell his 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback for $7500.  Why so much? Well, because it has an all wheel drive swap and a 4G63 turbo engine (from a Mitsubishi Eclipse).  I got a screenshot quickly just in case it disappeared into history without being documented.

Here is the Listing on Craigslist. Catch it while you still can!

Jeremy Nutt

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One thought to “All Wheel Drive Civic Hatchback with a 4G63 Turbo Swap”

  1. not being able to polish a turd springs to mind, no matter how it drives it’s still a Honda civic &I wouldn’t be paying that much for it. Would be interesting to meet whoever did, though.

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