Hello Texas, It Appears That You Had a Snow Day Today.

texas snow day

Each winter, I dream of how exotic the weather must feel in Texas during January and February.  This year however, nature decided to toss a nasty curve ball at them.  As the northern states were getting buried under a glacier, nature turned back real quick and walloped Texas with almost a full ……inch of real snow.  Ouch!  The one and only thing that we can conclude from the image above is that snowpocalypse’s are certainly not bigger in Texas.

Highway Cow: “Mooooove Over”

Highway Cow

Sometimes what is seen in your side view mirror cannot be unseen. “Kmann27” over on Reddit peeked into his mirror and found this gigantic cow staring back at him. I really hope it is plastic and on a trailer, because if real cows in Kmann27’s area are this large and travel by highway, we all may be in trouble.  Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time the 1A Auto blog has encountered giant cow’s involved with cars.

Image found posted by Kmann27 on Reddit

This Is What Cars Look Like in Boston Right Now.

Over the weekend, I found myself hanging out late night in Boston.  After grabbing a delicious cupcake at “Mike’s Pastry“, I snapped off a few photos of my surroundings.  If this thaws by July, it will be a miracle.  Keep in mind, it hasn’t snowed in a week, and we have 20 more inches on the way.

Note: Night time + Winter + Photos = Not Pretty. Sorry ’bout that. I swear I am working on my photography skills to provide you with higher quality in the months ahead.  At least you know that they are real!