More Low: You’ve Seen This Car Before.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and thought to yourself, “MAN I could REALLY use a photo-shoot right NOW! “?  Well, this is my friend Ryan’s VW, and he had that exact thought just the other day.  Rather than overthinking it, he grabbed the bull by the horns and ran away with the idea.

His car?  Well, it’s a ’08 GTI that is more low than not low, and whether it be on the side of a highway or in a grass covered field, this thing always seems to pose right for the camera.  It’s as if the car knows who’s looking at it, so it always does that thing it does. Enough about poses though, lets talk about the crazy Area 51-esque laser show that is hovering around it like a reenactment scene from Unsolved Mysteries. If there are three things that cannot get cooler, it’s lasers, the 1980’s video technology that still makes those reenactment scenes, AND static dropped cars that really get driven.  Oh and by the way…… this car is quicker than the average rabbit. I drove this little rascal last summer and it left me questioning my own reality. That being said, enjoy the shots.

See the originals on Ryans Flickr

There Are Many Ways to Fix A Bumper

Duct Tape Bumper

When I am out driving, it is as if strange & interesting cars stalk me.  I pull up to a light, and non-chalantly look to my left.  But what do I see?  Oh, nothing, just some of the finest bumper repair. Don’t get me wrong, I love duct tape as much as anybody, but rarely should it be used for bumper repair.  It just ends up littering the streets and sticking to my Adidas. Totally not fun.

For those of you trying to “quick-fix” a bumper without the help of duct tape, I highly recommend zip ties. Not only does it make your car look all Frankenstein-esque, but it won’t litter the streets when it gets wet, or leave goo all over your car when it eventually falls off.  Zip ties for the win!

zip tied bumper

Yellow car image borrowed from:

Take a Guess: Why Would I Cut These Rotors Up?

Question # 1: Recently, a friend asked me to slice up some brake rotors because he wanted to use them in a different way.  Anybody care to take a guess at what his intention is? (Bonus if you can tell me what kind of car they fit.)

Question #2: There are people out there that buy old brake rotors for the scrap metal value. It’s usually about $1.50 per rotor.  Does anybody have any other interesting uses for old brake rotors?  I’d love to hear them or see pictures of them!

Pictures From The 2010 1A Auto Car Show.

Last year we had a fantastic car show on a beautiful summer day in July.   There were about 140 cars there and we took hundreds and hundreds of pictures.  Here are a few of them.  If you want to see hundreds more, leave me a comment to let me know.  I will then keep posting them up until you can’t possibly stand any more.  We have some kind of “artsy” ones as well if you’re interested?

p.s. Our 2011 car show is July 31st at the Pepperell MA. Town Field.  We want you there!