Have You Ever Found a Turkey Sitting on Your Truck?

I awoke one warm morning last fall and meandered my half asleep body outdoors heading in the direction of my truck.  My cell phone clicked as I hung up with a friend.  He had just asked me if he had left something in my truck the previous day.  With each lackadaisical step down the driveway, my eyes reluctantly opened slightly further.  That’s when it happened.  About 10 feet from the truck I stopped abruptly, because something was not quite right.  A giant gobbling beast emerged from its dormancy and we immediately locked eyes.  He was perched atop the roof of my truck, and stood tall, spreading his wings as if to challenge me to a duel.  With fear in my heart and a rush of Thankgiving thoughts flowing through my mind, I knew that this was not going to be a normal day.

Car Wrecks From the 1920′s and 1930′s

While cruising the streets of the world wide web, I landed deep within the pages of a great thread in a motivemag forum. It had some outstanding photos of old car wrecks in it.  Once you get passed the whole human aspect of it, it is truly amazing to see.

Many people assume that cars of that era were slow, but the truth is that many models were quite capable of today’s highway speeds.  In fact, the first car to ever reach 200 mph was in 1927.  Sure it was using plane engines, but it does show that America was deeply craving high speeds.  Almost every car in the 1930’s could easily attain today’s 55 mph speed limit, and many of the vehicles from the 1920’s could too.  Although these cars could clearly get up and go, their skinny tires, leaf spring suspension, mechanical drum brakes, and the dirt roads, made their stopping abilities less than stellar.  Just imagine stopping your own “modern” car with nothing but the parking brake. That is similar to what many of the 1920’s cars had.  Compound that with solid steering columns, steel dashboards, lack of seat belts and safety glass, and you were in rough shape in an accident.  So the next time you hop in your car, open your window, and give a quick shout-out to modern technology.

Daily Drive a Golden Pyramid at 250 MPH

Do you ever find yourself wondering what would happen if the ancient Egyptians built an exotic sports car? I know I sure have.  It would likely combine the mathematical genius of a pyramid with electrical technology that had yet to be discovered.  Well wouldn’t you know it, somebody from dreamcar123.com has actually built one….. minus the 250 mph part.  It is in fact pyramid shaped, has ample room for 1 excitable driver, and it will clearly make your  neighbors jealous.  Looks like a clever idea, but does it actually move?  Ofcourse it does!

Automotive Mad Science: Sparking in the living room.

I like wiring, electricity, cars, and the magic that happens when you combine all three.  Last week I was modifying a wiring harness to install a turbocharged 4G63 engine  (from a 1991-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Talon, Laser) into any vehicle that I want.  It is a time consuming process and when it was done, I needed to make sure it worked properly.  Massachusetts in January is an absolutely frigid place, so I was not about to go outside.  Then it dawned on me that I could test it in the comfort of my own living room!  Before I knew it, the spare battery, ECU, CAS, injector resistor, coil pack, and power transistor, arrived on the premesis, and viola!  We have ignition!

Subaru Wagon: Plaid is Not Just for Lumberjacks Anymore.

You drive a 96 Subaru wagon.  Clearly you are aware of the greatness lurking under its discrete wagon skin.  Before long, an EJ20 will power the beast to bring new life back into her old soul.  However, for right now there is only one thing on your mind. It is the most wonderful fabric on earth through your eyes, better known as Plaid.  Sleep, plaid.  Breakfast, plaid.  Lunch, plaid.  Work, plaid.  Subaru, plaid….. Subaru, plaid… Wait a minute.

Greatest Tow Vehicle: Lincoln Town Car Limousine

What does one do when one needs to arrive in high style, yet also needs to do a little 4 wheeling?  You guessed it!  Simply add a tow hitch and declare yourself the coolest guy to ever hit the streets of New Hampshire.  Let us pause for a quick moment to appreciate the extraordinary amount of greatness that is going on here….

Yes. Very nice.

1994 Lincoln Town Car Limo + Mud = Best day ever.

Absolute Win: Pictures of Old Abandoned Roads

We drive on the open roads each day never giving a whole lot of thought about them.   Do you ever begin to wonder what happens when a road becomes less traveled?  How about when it’s blocked off and forgotten about?  Have you ever seen one built but never actually opened to traffic?  How about when the land reclaims the asphalt by force?  You may not realize it, but pictures of abandoned roads are an absolute win on many levels.  Is it lame to say that these roads have reached the end of the road? You decide.

All of these great photos from a www.Motivemag.com discussion forum.