Clever Sales Pitch: Armor All Wheel Protectant.

Yesterday,  a co-worker asked if I had seen the new Armor All wheel protector stuff, because it looked quite impressive.  I told him that I hadn’t, but I’d like to see it because cleaning wheels is the most miserable job ever.  He pointed me in the direction of this video, which I found pretty darn impressive.  Surely, neither you nor I will be spraying honey on our wheels anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that we can without having to use brake cleaner to get it off.

Has anybody used this stuff before in real world conditions?  Maybe I will buy a bottle of this and put it to the test….

Step one: Drive through a pool of maple syrup.

Full Disclosure: I have absolutely nothing to do with Armor All.  I don’t sell it, I don’t get it for free, and I don’t have any reason to promote it other than it being a clever product advertisement.

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7 thoughts to “Clever Sales Pitch: Armor All Wheel Protectant.”

  1. I have not used this product, but I did notice that they did not make a single claim in this video. They never showed the product being applied, and let you assume that it was their product that kept the stuff from sticking to the wheel. I am not saying that the product does or doesn’t work, only that they make no claims that it does.

  2. I used it for the first time a month ago. It works Great. I applied only once…..still working. You have to let it dry for an hour after application….only drawback

  3. I have used this product and it is great. No brake dust on my Mercedes wheels for more than a month.

    Now they need it for paint.!

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