Finally, a Repair Video on a Clown Head Antenna Ball!

Do you find yourself staring at your faceless, beat up, and weathered antenna ball, wondering how in the world you will ever be able to replace it? Of course! Everyone does! Luckily for us, 1A Auto has finally created the video that we have all been waiting for. It shows exactly how to replace your old, faceless, disheveled antenna ball with a fresh new clown-head antenna ball. We’re making dreams come true, one clown-head antenna ball at a time.

Jeremy Nutt

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3 thoughts to “Finally, a Repair Video on a Clown Head Antenna Ball!”

  1. You guys make this stuff look so easy. Makes me want to try doing some of this stuff myself, instead of heading straight to a mechanic.

    One tiny correction: I noticed as I watched the video that instead of two fingers, you used a finger and a thumb. I’d hate to be the guy that brought the wrong tools to that job!

  2. The drive through car wash is also a good way to remove those worn out antenna balls. But for maximum staying power bubble gum is the way to go.

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