Diablo in the Snow.

Normally I have absolutely nothing nice to say about winter. However, watching this video of a guy in a Lambo did remind me, that I do in-fact enjoy the heck out of some snowy parking lots. RWD, FWD, AWD, it just doesn’t matter. ┬áSpinning around in circles, and pretending you are Ken Block for a few minutes before the police show up, makes you feel like a true champion. Doing it in a Lamborghini, well, that is probably even better, though I will likely never know.

Can’t see the video? ┬áHere is the link:



Jeremy Nutt

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2 thoughts to “Diablo in the Snow.”

  1. I could not imagine driving a Lamborghini in the snow for one second. I am a mechanic and tried to test drive a 72 Corvette in the rain after putting in a huge cam, and I could not keep the tires from spinning. I seriously didn’t think I would make it back to the garage in one piece, I could not keep the rear end from kicking out no matter how I babied the throttle. Cool video!

  2. I kept waiting to see him or her drive into the building and ruin a perfectly good auto. I guess if you have the money to buy one of these you sure can do with it what you want . I would not do this as it is to often something fouls up beyond your control and then you have a very expensive pile of junk ,. now on a dry road yes . and with in reason. can you imagine explaining to the insurance agent how it happened that you trashed a perfectly good piece of equipment between two buildings, all by your lonesome?

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