Fiero Motorcycle Trike – You’re Lovin It.

Imagine for just one moment that you owned a Fiero.  Life is pretty great right?  Okay, now imagine that you also have a totally sweet motorcycle.  This imaginary setting couldn’t possibly get any better at this point. Am I right?  No! I’m wrong!  The FIERO CYCLE has just stepped into your dream sequence and he brought the 3 wheeled party with him! Wrong has never felt so right.  You know… I’m Lovin It!


Special Thanks to Jason E. for the picture.

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

7 thoughts to “Fiero Motorcycle Trike – You’re Lovin It.”

  1. No way! I passed a Fiero trike today. Same one?? How could it not be! There’s no way you can pass it without a double take, while your mind tries to comprehend what you just saw.

    1. I built that trike here in Maine for my wife. .it’s an 84 fiero with the 2.5 iron duke and automatic trans the bike was an 82 honda shadow. .I have build pictures. The shifter is up through the bike gas tank

            1. Yes. .you can share what you want. .really wouldn’t do a wheelie. .but I built a rear engine v8 trike some time ago. .now THAT would wheelie

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