For $325 – Why Haven’t You Bought This Vega Yet?


As a car-guy, I frequently find myself staring at project cars on eBay. Typing certain words into the search box like “barn find” or “convertible parts car” is a great way to look at interesting vehicles that you wish you could hide in your yard. Another favorite eBay search method is to hop in the cars & trucks area, hit the “buy it now only” tab, and then sort by price – lowest to highest. This is where the heavy hitters are. The cars that nobody wants. The real dumpiest of dumps. The cars that are barely recognizable as cars. The ones that appear to have been submerged in the ocean, and squished through a meat grinder. Yeah, the cars that I really like looking at.
Amazingly, this little gem of a vehicle popped up the other day. It’s a ’74 Vega for 325 bucks (OMG ! BUY IT NOW!) And it looks quite decent! I don’t even think it has been under water yet! Now, maybe it is the super vibrant photography clouding my judgement, but this thing looks like an absolute steal. Here is what the seller has to say:

We are selling this Vega for our client. The car has been in their family and in New Mexico for at least 20 years. It has not been driven for quite some time as the father died and at the time non of the kids wanted to drive a Vega, really?”

I know right? What is wrong with the youth of today anyway? Honestly, why haven’t you bought this Vega yet!?

Way more pictures and info at eBay Item Number 350743310526

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One thought to “For $325 – Why Haven’t You Bought This Vega Yet?”

  1. I had one back in 75. 3 engines, 4 transmissions, 6 sets of tires. I beat it to death several times over. Too bad Chevy had a crappy motor in that fun little body.

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