Hotness For Sale: The 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the global economy, but for whatever reason, this seems to be a great week to toss your super rare car onto eBay with an exorbitant price. Yesterday it was a SOHC Holman Moody Mustang, and today it is a 15,000 original mile, 1990 BMW M3.  Not just your typical boring M3 though, it’s the nearly 240 horsepower “Sport Evolution” model. Oh, and it’s all black with factory headlight wipers. You know, just in case you get into some muddy rallying situations.  This, my friends, is a car that people dream of owning. People like me.

As with all good things in life, there is some bad news…  To start off, the car is currently in Munich Germany, which is far, at least from the United States. Secondly, it’s a car that you would constantly have to worry about if you park it in any parking lot by itself. Let’s face it, somebody in a minivan is guaranteed to swing their door into the side of it. You cannot avoid it. Lastly, it is currently bid up to $90,000-ish Euros and the reserve has not been met.  That is 120 THOUSAND dollars.  What the what?!! So if you want the car in your life, you will likely need to be a millionaire that just won the lottery.  Hey, that happens…  Check out the Ebay Item #: 170728665662 If you don’t speak German, you may want to translate it.  It’s a hoot.

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8 thoughts to “Hotness For Sale: The 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution”

  1. Hey buddy, is this for real ?? I don’t understand what makes this car so expensive ?? The auctions goes in 90k euros!! unbelievable!. Is this BMW bathed in gold or what ? I don’t truly understand why is so expensive. I honestly wouldn’t pay more than $5,000 for that BMW.

    1. Its not some run of the mill E30 or even M3. They made only 600 Sport Evos, and of those many were converted to race use. If you look at European car sites they are going for 40k Euro and up!

  2. These are neat cars. You’re probably paying mainly for condition and rarity at this point as there are few unmolested examples left any more.

    Anyone who has that kind of money to burn and picks a 21 year old BMW is probably a certified car nut.

  3. Thanks for the explanation Jeff. I didn’t know there are only 600 cars of this model, even so, I wouldn’t pay more than $5k for that car. with 90k euros I’d prefer to buy one NEW mercedes-benz and another NEW BMW jejee!!! I agree with last comment of Arco777.

  4. This is probably the BEST car a man can EVER drive!
    I have driven original E30 M3 and it was so good, that even my 2004 M3 CSL seemed dull and not as sporty! I cannot even imagine how hot and amazing this thing will be!

    There are very few cars that are known for their drive-ability. I think this car is the best vehicle ever produced. AND, this is totally road legal, comfortable saloon, with air conditioner and nice leather seats…

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