1A Auto Blog Asks: How Often Do You Really Wash Your Car?


Last weekend was beautiful outside, so after a much needed yard clean up, I wrapped up my day by washing some cars of their wintery mud & salt.  As I was washing the bugs, dirt, and mysterious goo off I began pondering, how often do other people wash their cars? Do I wash them more or less often than my peers? So I’m throwing the question out there for you guys to enlighten me.

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6 thoughts to “1A Auto Blog Asks: How Often Do You Really Wash Your Car?”

  1. I wash my GTI every week. Black gets dirty quick. The Galant seldom gets washed due to the 20 year old pant, when I repaint it that’ll change.

  2. One good thing about owning a used car is you do not have to be it’s slave. 01 Buick Regal with a new engine for $2,900. I already drove it on a 4,000 mile vacation and I did not worry about the road grit or trucks with dirt. This should last me about 10 years with a $500 a year maintenance budget. The savings will be banked.

    I give it a deep spray about twice a month, and a wax/detail job about twice a year. Since the detail job takes all day, I can hose it off the rest of the time without worrying about my machine having a build up of road cancer. Some cosmetic “damage” makes this a performance sleeper. It is basically invisible to the police.

    I miss my 67 Camaro but I am the only owner of it that never got a single ticket. That was being washed every week, with a wax job once a month. If I had kept it~~~~~

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