How to Remove Bumper Stickers from Your Car’s Paint, Glass, and Bumpers

Stickers can end up on the windows, metal, and plastic on cars, trucks and SUVs. If your vehicle has a sticker you want to remove, this guide and video reviews how to take a sticker off glass, metal, or plastic parts of your car. Follow these steps learn how to remove a bumper sticker, window sticker, and stickers from the paint yourself quickly with simple tools.

How to Take Stickers Off Your Car

Taking a sticker off a car

How to Remove Stickers from the Glass on Your Car

1. Warm the Sticker Up and Remove It with a Fingernail or Razor

Removing a bumper sticker from the glass

Glass is the easiest place to remove a sticker from your car. Let the sticker sit in the sun and heat up, and then peel it off with your fingernail. You can also remove the sticker from glass with a razor blade.

If you choose to remove the sticker with a razor blade, we recommend using a holder for added safety. This will help you prevent any potential injuries, like cutting your hand.

2. Clean the Area with Glass Cleaner

There’s also no need to use window cleaning spray on any stickers on the glass. Once you’ve removed the sticker from the window, clean the area with glass cleaner.

Driver Safety Tip: Try not to let passengers put stickers on the windows so a blind spot is not created where your vision will be obscured while driving.

How to Remove Stickers from Metal on Your Car

Chipped painted from using a sharp razor blade to take a sticker off a car
Groove in the paint from a sharp razor blade

1. Warm the Sticker Up and Peel It Off with a Fingernail or Plastic Razor Blade

If the sticker is on a metal part, let the sticker sit in sun and peel it off with fingernail or plastic razor.

Do not use a sharp razor. A sharp razor can scrape the paint, which will dig in the paint and create opportunities for rust to form on the vehicle over time.

2. Clean the Area with Rust Penetrant

Removing a sticker with penetrating oil

After the sticker has been scraped off, if paper is still on the metal, you can remove remaining remnants with penetrating spray. Spray the area and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then remove the remnants with a plastic razor and peel it off.

How to Remove a Bumper Sticker

Steps to remove a bumper sticker yourself

  1. Let the Sticker Heat in the Sun and Remove It with a Plastic Razor

    It’s harder to remove a sticker on a plastic bumper than one on metal or glass. You can try to remove it with a plastic razor, but this may not remove all parts of the sticker.

    Don’t try to heat up or burn the sticker off of a plastic bumper. This will melt the bumper cover and it can leave burn marks.

  2. Remove the Sticker with Rust Penetrant, a Rag, and Plastic Razor Blade

    If the sticker won’t come off after sitting in the sun, spray and soak the area with rust penetrating spray. Spread the penetrant and clean the area with a rag, and then remove the sticker with a plastic razor blade.

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