How to Reset the Throttle Body

Why do you need to do a throttle body relearn procedure and how do you reprogram your car’s throttle body? Find out how to reset the throttle body on different vehicles as our experts review the different methods in this article and video.

Throttle Body Reset Procedure for Electronic Throttle Bodies

Mechanic reviewing how to reset the throttle body on different vehicles

Most vehicles today have an electronically-controlled throttle body, sometimes called drive-by-wire. When you press the accelerator pedal, the computer receives a signal. It then signals the throttle body blade to open. An electronic throttle body has a throttle position sensor that sends a signal back to the computer so it knows what position the throttle body blade is at.

On older vehicles, it’s common to find mechanically-controlled throttle bodies that operate with a cable.

Why Do I Need to Reset the Throttle Body?

Electronic throttle body
Electronic throttle body

Removed and Cleaned a Dirty Throttle Body

Carbon builds up on the throttle body and blade over time. The computer makes up for it by keeping blade a little more open for a bit longer to compensate and keep engine running well.

You may have removed the throttle body to clean it. Cleaning the throttle body with a brush and brake cleaner or carburetor cleaner can remove the carbon and sometimes fix any issues.

More on how to clean the throttle body

Replaced a Defective Throttle Body

If you’re replacing the throttle body or reattaching it after cleaning, you’ll need to do a throttle relearn procedure.

How to Reset the Throttle Body

There are different procedures depending on the car. Below is a list of throttle body idle relearn procedures you may have to do depending on your car

Start the Engine and Let It Idle

For some vehicles, you may just need to start the engine and let it idle. RPMs may be very high during this.

Run the Engine for 3 Minutes, Shut It Off, and Run It for 3 Minutes Again

You might only have to run the engine for 3 minutes, shut it off, and then run it for 3 minutes again.

Turn the Key On, Let the Engine Idle, and Turn the Key Off

On some vehicles, to complete a throttle body relearn procedure you may just have to turn the key on, let the engine idle for a bit, and then turn the key off.

Drive at Highway Speeds or 40 MPH While Accelerating and Deaccelerating for Some Time

To complete a throttle body idle relearn procedure on some vehicles, you may have to drive at highway speeds or 40 mph while accelerating and deaccelerating for a certain amount of time.

Reset the Throttle Body with a Scan Tool That’s Capable

Scan tool used to reset the throttle body

You may be able to do this procedure easily with an advanced scan tool. Some scan tools can do the relearn procedure and reset the idle.

How-to Videos for Throttle Body Relearn Procedures and More

Check out our how-to videos and learn how to work on you car. Pick up tips, diagnosis, repair instructions, and more for general and model-specific repairs, procedures, and more.

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How to Reset the Throttle Body - Throttle Body Relearn Procedure - 1A Auto
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  1. Can you tell me how to relearn for a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe I replaced tps and it was running fine then went into limp mode again now I’m stumped bc it’s still showing same dtc codes p1118 and p1178

  2. I am having trouble relearning throttle body on a 2010 Malibu. How much driving should I do before it’s relearned?

  3. How do you reset the throttle body on a 2009 Chevy Traverse. I installed a brand new one. Didn’t think I had to clean anything since the part was brand new. The engine is stalling. On the dash it says engine power reduced. Stability control off. Traction control off. Please help!

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