It’s Important To Thank Those That Give Sound Advice.

Recently a friend of mine was at a car show with his ’63 Thunderbird.  It’s a really nice driving car, has a perfect interior, and has very few flaws in the paint.  The chrome is beginning to show it’s age, but it’s far from rusty.  That day at the car show, a guy came over to my friend and voiced his amazement at how a car that appears to be falling apart (while pointing to my friends T-bird), can actually still be driven.  Needless to say, the conversation ended somewhat abruptly.

Fast forward several weeks, I’m at a different car show, and I see this Chevy panel truck-shaped beauty.  From a distance I thought it was quite cool because you don’t see many of this body style out there in the wild.  I walked up to it, and meandered around to the drivers side to find something truly spectacular.  On the side of this truck, in some kind of chalk or wax pencil, it read:

“Hey thanks for telling me how nice this will look with paint and that it’d be a shame not too!”

I instantly began to wonder if the owner of this truck had met the same courteous individual that commented on my friends t-bird weeks earlier! They do say it’s a small world ya know…

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7 thoughts to “It’s Important To Thank Those That Give Sound Advice.”

  1. I certainly would not paint it. That patina took 40 years of hard work! How long does a new paint job take? What I would do is freshen the wheels and tires and make some chrome bits shiny. To any suggestions, I’d keep my reflector aviator shades pointed just over the suggestor’s shoulder while muttering “um-hmm” and checking out the babes.

  2. The owner definitely should not paint it! I have never seen a truck/car like that at a car show. There is a huge car show coming up at Imperial Cars on August 19th. Is anyone out there going to it. I am bringing my kids (as normally they get bored) but this one will have rides, music, food and fireworks so my spouse and I can do what we want to do while they do their thing. You guys should come out and see the vehicles. I hear it’s suppose to be a great one!

  3. I have a very nice 69′ Pontiac Firebird I have owned many years…I had it painted in around 05′ Base Clear paint and the car looks great but when the clear was applied there was a couple of runs. The paint flowed out absolutely perfect and the car didn’t need wetsanding as the gloss is incredible. But you would not believe the amount of people that will scour that car from top to bottom and POO POO the couple little runs and point them out to their buddies and snicker & comment…Its AMAZING! The few small runs are the farthest thing in my mind to worry about fixing. I built the car as a dragstrip bruiser and really didn’t intend for it to be a show car, I just attend cruise-in’s once & awhile and I have lost respect for people picking on other people’s cars. I have made up my mind to NEVER fix the runs on purpose now and I give people a hard time about picking out flaws when I hear them…LOL.

  4. I did make a comment once… “If that run bothers you soooo much why dont you give me $25,000 for the car and you can go have it fixed” And looking at the guy who made the comment I doubt he had $2500 to his name.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how many fields have ‘armchair quarterbacks’ that more often than not are mostly just jealous they can’t afford to do it themselves…OR just didn’t think of it first!

    Brian S. has the correct response: You buy it, YOU can fix it!

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