LED Light Blinking Fast? How and Why Turn Signals Blink Fast After Installing LED Lights

If you changed the headlight bulbs with LED light bulbs and you have turn signals blinking fast, there are some ways you can fix it. Find out how to fix an LED light blinking fast with a relay or resistors in this article and video.

Video: Why Your Directionals Are Blinking Fast After Installing LED Lights & How to Fix It Easily

Why Your LED Turn Signals Are Blinking Fast & How to Fix Them

LED light blinking fast

What Are the Symptoms of an LED Light Blinking Fast?

Fast Blinking Turn Signals

If you stand outside the vehicle with the turn signals, also known as the blinkers or directionals, turned on, they will be blinking quickly.

Fast Blinking Noise with the Turn Signals On

You’ll hear a hyper-clicking noise when the turn signals are on in the cabin that’s faster than usual if the turn signal lights are blinking fast.

Why Are My LED Turn Signal Lights Blinking Fast?

Old Relay Draws Too Little Power

The original relay is meant to handle a higher load and is looking for a specific draw. When that draw is absent, the bulb will flash quickly and you’ll hear a fast clicking or ticking sound. This means that when the turn signal bulb is out, it will blink fast. Since the LED light bulbs have a lower load, this causes fast-blinking since the relay cannot tell the difference but only responds to a lesser load.

To fix this problem, replace the relay with one meant for a lower load. You will need to remove the old relay and replace it with a new one meant for LED lights. The relay may have a knob to adjust the speed of the directional. You can also install resistors, but this may take longer and can damage the wiring in the vehicle.

How Do I Fix an LED Light Blinking Fast?

How to Fix a Fast Blinking LED Light with a New Relay

Steps to fix a LED light blinking fast with a new relay

  1. Turn the Key on, Listen for the Fast Blinking Noise, and Find the Relay

    Turn the vehicle on and turn the signal light on. Listen for the quick blinking noise, and find the relay the sound is coming from. You can also find the relay by placing your finger on it and feeling it click underneath.

  2. Turn the Key Off, Remove the Relay, and Install the New Relay for an LED Light

    Turn the vehicle off and remove the relay from the switch panel. Install a new relay that is meant to work with an LED light.

    Relays will be located in different areas depending on the make and model.

How to Fix Fast Blinking LED Turn Signals/Directionals with Resistors

If you’d rather not replace the relay, you can attach resistors to the wiring harness. You will need enough resistors for each bulb and a test light to test the circuits.

1. Remove the Lamp Assembly
Removing a tail light assembly

Disconnect and remove the LED light assembly from the vehicle.

2. Test the Positive and Ground with a Test Light
Testing wiring harness with a test light for power and ground

Test the wiring harness with a test light to find the ground and positive of the directional.

3. Splice the Resistor Between the Power and Ground Wire
Attaching a resistor to a power and ground wire

Attach the resistor between the power and ground wire.

Read more on how to splice a wire

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