Nick Iosua

Nick has been with 1A Auto for almost two years.  He a UTI graduate with extensive OE Mercedes Benz manufacturer training and many years of experience in areas ranging from general repair to engine rebuild, blue printing, power and performance production.

His first auto repair was assisting his father with an outer tire rod on an F-150. A 1996 Buick Skylark may have been his first car, but the freedom it afforded him at 16 was most certainly worth it. He drives a 2016 Jetta Sport to work every day but his dream mode of transportation is a MK3 Toyota Supra, cliché and all! Nick’s love for cars started at the dragway, leading up to his first project car, a mustang.

Nick also has a couple of projects cars in progress. The first of which is a 1991 VW MK2 Door Golf VR6 Turbo that he drives in the summer. The second is an E34 BMW that is under some pretty extensive construction. As you can tell, he tends to prefer imports, mostly Japanese RWD and German vehicles.

He advises first time DIYers to take their time when doing repairs, making sure that they have the correct tools and parts before starting the job. Nothing is worse than being stranded in your driveway because you are missing an essential part or tool!

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