Seen on eBay: Not Too Sure About This Porsche.

People do strange things.  If you are confused by the  images above, you are in good company.  I am one of those people that hates to see a classic car in good original condition ruined with questionable taste & potentially unsafe customization.  On the other hand, I am all for doing whatever you want with a car that has been left for dead.  I’m not sure what the story is with this car, but seeing it in it’s current state leads to my brain hurting.  It isn’t that I don’t approve of low vehicles, because I certainly do. In fact, I prefer my vehicles that way. I just feel like there should be an unwritten rule about how it’s done.  Narrowing a front end 10″ just makes me queasy.  Am I alone here?  I think for my own happiness, I am going to tell myself that this car was brought back to a drivable condition from a previously deemed “dead” condition.  Then these pictures will ruin my day a little less.

You have 2 days left to save this poor vehicle, and you’re currently looking at a minimum bid of $5600.  There are 35 bids so far.  Good luck. Do it for the team!

Caution: eBay listing may contain moderately NSFW material!

eBay item # 180617591552

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5 thoughts to “Seen on eBay: Not Too Sure About This Porsche.”

    1. Ryan, “love” is a strong word. Are you sure you don’t mean “loath”? We both know that moar low is a win every time, but a 10 inch narrow job? 10 inch? Oh the humanity. At the bare minimum, it needs 10 inch wide wheels in the front to offset the overly narrowed front end. /Flak

        1. I can definitely get on board with the weathered paint, and minimalist interior. Heck I can even overlook the VW engine, but the front “subframe?” structure makes me sad for Ferdinand Porsche.

  1. How many people do you think that are bidding, are planning on a whole different end result for that car? Let’s just think all of them are 🙂

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