CTS-V Coupe: In Real Life

A Real CTS-V Coupe

Having good friends at a variety of car dealers is really cool, especially today.  This morning, a new CTS-V Coupe was stopping by a local dealer, and a good friend of mine snapped a pic for me because he knows that I would sell his soul for it.  Without further adieu, here it is.  Just sit back and appreciate it’s beauty, because nothing else needs to be said.

Rhys Millen’s New 750 HP Hyundai PM580 Pikes Peak‎ Slayer

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 10 years, you have likely heard of Rhys Millen.  He does rally and off-road truck racing, drifting, and a variety of other car related endeavors.  Recently he set his eyes on smashing the current “Unlimited Class” Pikes Peak Hill Climb world record, and intends to break the 10 minute barrier all together, which has never been done.  His team built a goal-oriented race car called the PM580 that is running a production Hyundai V6 with about 750 horsepower shoehorned into it.  From the looks of this video, and the history that Rhys and his father Rod have on this hill climb, I’d say he has a good chance of reaching his goals.  To put it tenderly, this new car looks like a tire-ripping, time-bending, ungodly fast, 1-way ticket to victory.


Oh Turbo Meyers Manx, You So Crazy…..

Turbocharged Fuel Injected Manx

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Nutts and Bolts blog, I had gone to a car show over the previous weekend and saw a lot of interesting things.  One of the cars that really caught my eye was a heavily modified Meyers Manx.  Typically, I have zero interest in these and skip right over them, but this one had my name written all over it. This guy ran a VW engine, with a turbocharger, and a megasquirt fuel injection system.  Everything was polished, painted, or plated, and it had wheelie bars that looked not only functional, but used.  Does it get better than this is the world of Volkswagen ?  If so, I challenge you to show me, because I don’t believe it.  This is the pinnacle of fun.

Some people tell me that I have a subconscious love for air cooled Volkswagens. I think those people are crazy. Read More

You Like It Hot? Try This Heat Out!

You want heat in the winter do you?

Over the last century there have been thousands of really amazing automotive achievements, and then there have been truly awful failures. Today, I bequeath to you the latter.

I was at a car show over the weekend and saw this really great absolutely terrible “feature” on a late 1920’s – early 1930’s vehicle.   I am leaving it’s name out intentionally.  The “feature” is a heater, which obviously sounds like a good idea right?  Well it is, but only when executed properly.  This design was excellent use of creativity for sure, but heavily lacking in foresight in my opinion.  It was a cast iron box that mounted to the top of the exhaust manifold that basically funneled exhaust gases cool outside air through it, warming it up, and shooting it into the interior of the car to warm up your little toesies.  This is all well and good until there is an exhaust leak or a cracked exhaust manifold.  Then Mr. Carbon Monoxide walks into the place and spoils the winter time party.  I don’t know about you guys, but this gives me a new appreciation for my heater core and blower motor.

What Car Will You Buy When The Price Drops?

Recently, I talked about my deep rooted relationship with Cadillac Cateras.  In that post we learned how truly “special” they are, but we never touched upon their evolution into the CTS.  Yes, the CTS is in fact an acronym for Catera Touring Sedan.  Ouch! Don’t worry though, they aren’t really the same car…..well….sorta.  In 2003 the CTS still had the same heart, soul, and terrifyingly – awful engine as the Catera.  After that year though, Cadillac strapped on their game face and abandoned that awful drivetrain for good.  In walks 2004, oh hello there!, we now have a……….wait for it…… 400hp LS6 engine option. (queue – the sound of angels….  ooooaahhhhhh..)

This brings me to the point of this whole post.  I want to buy a Cadillac CTS-V, badly.  When the CTS-V price drops to an absurdly low level, I’m getting one.  Come to think of it, I don’t care if the car has been wrecked, recovered theft or sunk in a river. I want it, as long as it’s cheap.  I want 6 gears to shift into manually, I want rear wheel drive, I want big brakes, and obviously a big LS V8.  I would likely end up stuffing so much forced induction onto the engine that it would spit my rear end gears out at every set of lights. That’s ok though, because I will do it in high class Cadillac fashion.

What will you buy?

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The Engine That You Have Never Seen

I have spent the vast majority of my life reading about, researching, and working on cars. Every once in a while though, I am smacked in the face with something that I have never seen before.  Most recently, it was the “triflux” engine.  I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about it, except that it was experimental and designed by Lancia in 1986. The way I’m understanding it, it has 4 cylinders, 2 turbochargers, 2 intercoolers, fuel injection, a dry sump oil system, and ~600 hp @ 8000 rpm.  There is confusion all over the place though.  We’ll start with mechanical timing? Ummm, isn’t the crankshaft supposed to be connected to the camshafts? If not, how is mechanical timing controlled? Secondly, how is 600 horsepower being made from less than 1.8L? It must be running super efficient turbos at high pressure, and revving to the moon.  I guess this is why I am not an engineer.  Enjoy the wackiness that is the turboflux. Read More

What Happened To Miss Belvedere?

Miss Belvedere, What Happened?

Miss Belvedere was the talk of the town in June of 2007 after being unearthed from the deepest darkest depths of downtown Tulsa.  She was a brand new 1957 Plymouth with just 4 miles on her when they dunked her in the pit of no return.  Fifty years later when the light of day finally shined on her again in 2007, she had not aged well.  She looked like an automotive version of the Cryptkeeper (Remember that show – Tales from the crypt!??).  Anyway, as it turns out, automobiles cannot be preserved by dunking them under water for 50 years. Wait….WHAT!? Yes it is true, dirty gutter water from the Tulsa streets does not preserve sheetmetal, fabric, or plastic.

Shortly after she was raised from the sarcophagus, she was put on display for all the interwebzz and journalists to get their piece.   Read More