Porsche 356 Convertible Dream Project

One of my long term dreams in life is to own a beautiful old Porsche. I haven’t yet decided which model or just how old it will be, but a convertible ehem… sorry, roadster really does sound quite nice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be super fast, but it will need to be as functional and nimble as it was when it was new. I want to carve the farm surrounded rural roads of New England without a radio, totally enveloped in the amazingly distinct sounds that the air cooled engines can only produce. Maybe I’ll be wearing a well worn leather jacket with some cracks in it, along with a cool hat. Yeah, a hat… that will be nice.

This car that we have here today was spotted on eBay, and it is a long way from carving rural roads.  In fact, its a long way from just about everything, including resembling an actual vehicle. That said, these cars are worth an absolute fortune when restored properly. So even though it appears that this Porsche had a major role in a horrific accident that took place at the bottom of a swamp 40 years ago, it still has extremely significant value! In fact, with 6 days still left, the 20 bids have already hit $15,000! Crazy? Like a fox. Let’s think about it. Imagine that you hypothetically buy this car for 20 grand (bargain alert!). You then dump $50 grand into it restoring it over the next 5 years while you break in your leather jacket. When it’s done, the car will be worth more than what you have into it. Convertible versions of these 356’s go for $80K+ depending on their quality and history. Although this one is rougher than most (all?), it may be the bargain of the week!  Luckily for me and my family, I know how long it takes me to get metalwork to my impossibly straight standards, so the closest this Porsche will ever be to me is in my dreams. Is this a project for you?

Images borrowed for eBay item number: 290685130752

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4 thoughts to “Porsche 356 Convertible Dream Project”

  1. One of the best restoration experts for these cars lives less than an hour from you, Jeremy. Let me know WHEN (not if) I should get you in touch with him so you can start living your dream.

    Instead of roadster, I think the word you’re looking for is Speedster. 😉

    It’s also my dream to someday own a vintage Porsche. I keep going back and forth between a convertible and a coupe, though. It’s a lot tougher to get a convertible to pass tech for track days. Maybe just buy two since I’m dreaming anyway?

    1. Wow, that sounds like a guy that I would like to be friends with! I am definitely look forward to racing our “speedsters” against each other in the future, even though mine will be the slow one, as usual.

  2. This is one of my favorite Porsche body styles. Too bad it’s so far gone. By the time it’s restored, it’s going to be maybe 5% original and 95% new parts. That alone kind of ruins it for me.

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