Steampunk Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle For Sale

There has never been, nor could there ever be, a more suitable zombie apocalypse survival vehicle.  Technically speaking, this is a Tucker armored snow vehicle.  It has what appears to be a Dodge V8, a manual transmission, and 1 spare seat for a friend.  4 wheel track steering is fully functional, and it is armored from top to bottom.

Whether you are looking to take your Steampunk swagger to a whole new level, or survive the all-but-certain zombie apocalypse, there is, and can only be, one vehicle up to such a challenge. Just ask yourself, do you want to be battling zombies in your busted cavalier or are you going to be be saving lives with steampunk style?  Buy it now on eBay for $13,995 or the zombies will win.  eBay Item # 380354878683


Special Thanks to Todd for the Tip!

UPDATE: “monkeyfett8” on Reddit/r/autos pointed out that it was used in “The Last Airbender” movie by M. Night Shyamalan.  Images can be seen Here and Here.


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17 thoughts to “Steampunk Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle For Sale”

    1. It sure does. However, I don’t know that there has ever been a movie manly enough to include such a mechanical beast. Let’s face it, Terminator cyborgs would run from this thing, for good reason.

  1. Awesome toy! somebody spent more than 14K worth of time building that.
    …now, just what to do with it?

  2. Lizzen mi friend: if zu build zomzing like ziss!…zu mos hav zee veapons….vere iz ze veapons mi fren?

  3. It certainly would look good in your driveway, but do I detecta slight twinge of sarcasm in your font when you indicate that the neighbours would like that?
    Awesome vehicle, but who needs weapons, the zombies won’t die without a decent head-shot anyway, and why open a port to aim, and take any chance of infection? Just mow them down! I will be ordering 2 from my local Zombie Apoc. Dealer when I bet a Christmas Bonus.

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