This is a Small Block Chevy Powered Suzuki X90

There is never a dull moment on Craiglist. Today, we have a 1997 Suzuki X90 with a small block 355, aluminum intake manifold, Edelbrock 650 cfm carburetor, roller rockers, headers, flowmasters, and a 700R4 transmission with a shift kit. Yes, you read that right. If there was ever a time in your life when you needed to gather up $6500 to purchase a vehicle to scare yourself in, this is it. Let’s be honest, this little red devil would be a handful with your grandma behind the wheel.  Burnouts would be had, and maybe even wheelies. Before long grandma would be crashing through the front of a pharmacy.  Honestly, I’m left nearly speechless.

Check out the real thing on Craigslist

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

One thought to “This is a Small Block Chevy Powered Suzuki X90”

  1. Why would you want to build something like this? Because you can! This from a guy that had a V-8 Vega, back in the day 😉

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