This Is What A Stock 1950 Mercury Looks Like

One thing that you never, ever, ever, ever…ever see is a totally uncut 1949-51 Mercury 2 door.  They basically don’t exist in real life anymore because every person that has ever owned one has chopped the roof, slammed it to the pavement and turned it into a lead sled.  Do I blame them?  Not really.  As I do enjoy some lead sleds.  I do find it slightly sad that these cars have become so rare though, because even in factory gear, they sure are sharp.

Jeremy Nutt

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5 thoughts to “This Is What A Stock 1950 Mercury Looks Like”

  1. Hey Guys ,….Love the old cars , Check us out on facebook at lawrence Transmission Services for some cool shots of what we work on every day .


  2. Jeremy, you don,t want to9 bet on that. I have a friend who has a 50 and a 51 and neither is chopped. One has a 350 and the other is original souped up flathead eight. Nice cars.

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