Tip Of The Day – POR-15 Paint Can Edition

If you have ever used POR-15 before, you likely have learned three things:

A) It’s pretty darn awesome stuff if you live in a place where rust exists. (I’m looking at you New England.)
B) You do not want to get it on your person. While it doesn’t have the ungodly hell-fire burning sensation that “Aircraft Remover” does, it does have an unbelievable sticking ability to humans.
C) If you get the POR-15 between the can and the lid, and then seal the can, your all done. The can will never EVER reopen without the use of a sawzall, a 20 ton press, and a log splitter…

Today I have the solution for letter “C”, because I’m not completely sure that humans have the technology to conquer “B” yet.

Now, since I’m extraordinarily cheap, and …well… yeah I guess that’s the only reason, I don’t ever buy the proper paint pouring device for these paint cans (yes, I realize that they are like $1).  So I have been forced to develop an amazingly complicated (that’s a lie) method of preventing this paint-lid-non-removal conundrum. It’s what I like to call “tape”. Yes, I put tape on the can folks. It allows me to clean off my brush if I have too much of the good stuff on it, AND it makes clean-up effortless. Maybe you already do this, and I’m living my life pre-Y2K, but hey maybe not. I don’t know. But for that one guy that hasn’t tried this yet, I recommend it. Old news? Cool idea? You decide.


Jeremy Nutt

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3 thoughts to “Tip Of The Day – POR-15 Paint Can Edition”

  1. POR-15 is the greatest stuff ever made, maybe second only to PB Blaster when it comes to fun with rust.

    Great tip on the tape. I’m in the same boat – too cheap/lazy to pick up the pouring attachment and sealed the sweet crap out of my last can.

  2. Remember, its not the end of the world if you do get paint in the lid groove, just cover the can before you close it with Saran Wrap, install lid. It will open easy later and the paint will stay a liquid. You can install some tape across the lid if it doesn’t stay down

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