Are You Ready For The New Top Gear USA Season?

Last year we discussed the new Top Gear USA that had graced our TV’s for the very first time, and there were some mixed reviews. I personally liked it, but hoped that the whole thing would get a bit less “stiff” as the season went on. Luckily, it did. By the end of the season, Tanner, Adam, and Rutledge were really drinking flowing together quite well.  It’s now a year later, and we are just one week away from the new season beginning on February 14th at 9pm on the History channel.  Will you be watching this season?  Will you forget that it’s also Valentines Day?

Here are the promo’s for your viewing enjoyment.

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3 thoughts to “Are You Ready For The New Top Gear USA Season?”

  1. The first season of TGUSA was always either making me angry at the wanton disrepect and damage done to cars or making me bored. I have no plans to watch any more of it and wish it would be cancelled.

  2. Just waiting for it to come on tomorrow. I watch UK, US and Australia, RIP TGAusie 🙁 Screw the complainers always whining saying the US ripped off the Brits. Pretty hard to rip them off when it was BBC’s choice to come to us to make the show so they could branch it out and sold us the copy-writes so we could do it in the first place. Blithering STUPID IDIOTS!!

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