Video: Supercharged Nailhead Ford Falcon Gasser

When I comb through eBay and Craigslist for cars that I can’t have and can’t afford, I’m really looking for two specific things.

1) I want to see barn finds.

2) I want to see race fuel huffing, hell fire spraying, tire-hanging, M/T smoking, YouTube-video-filled listings that make me want to rip the exhaust off my snowblower and hit it with a 100 shot of nitrous.

The Ebay listing I came  across today is pretty darn close to an exact match of my second request.  It is tough to wrap my brain around it to be honest.

Here are the highlights:

  • 1962 Ford Falcon Futura appropriately named “Strange Bird”.
  • Supercharged 401 Buick Nailhead.
  • No front brakes.
  • 1 MPG.
  • Absolutely awesome in nearly every way.
  • Ladded bars & a straight axle.
  • Parachute.

Chuckles Garage built this car and you can see the build from beginning to end documented over on the H.A.M.B.

“Strange Bird” Part 1

“Strange Bird” Part 2

Just imagine how cool it would be to drop your kids of at school in this.  It could all be yours for the price of just $34,000.

Images & info borrowed from Ebay Item # 130477356425

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