Whats The Best Automotive Related Gift That You Have Ever Received?

For as far back as I can remember, I have been asking Santa for many different automotive related objects. From metal working tools, to entire body panels, to lightly used engine parts, my wish list has included just about everything. Sometimes Santa and his elves pulled through for me, and other times the request was just a bit too lofty. Now that I’m a bit older, I realize just how lucky I was (still am), and how difficult it must have been for Santa’s elves to assemble all that they had back then. One of my favorite automotive related gifts that I have ever received was the “Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942” and the “Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975”.  I know, it seems a bit dorky, but my par… ehem… Santa gave them to me when I was a kid, and to this day, I still find myself flipping through them as excitedly as the day that I first got them.  I cannot imagine how much time I have invested in those books, but it is crazy for sure.

So what’s the best automotive gift that YOU have ever received?

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8 thoughts to “Whats The Best Automotive Related Gift That You Have Ever Received?”

  1. When I was sixteen (more than a couple decades ago), I was broke and had nothing except my car. My parents were broke too, but they scrounged up enough to give me a case of Castol 20W50 motor oil which I needed badly. I still remember it today as one of the best Christmas presents ever.

  2. 1972, just after I bought my first car. Dad gave me a Craftsman 1/2″ ratchet and socket set. The ratchet has been rebuilt by Sears twice over the years. I’ve lost and replaced a few of the sockets. Every time I use the ratchet I remember my parents, who have both passed.

  3. My parents bought me a gas tank and straps from 1A when I was ~17 for my b-day. My Cutlass didn’t explode(old tank was rusted out and leaking) so it was a good present.

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