What’s The Coolest Car That You Have Found Hidden?


Being a car-guy, my casual conversations always head in the direction of cars, whether I know the person that I’m talking to or not. One of the wonderful things about this, is that when people know you’re a car-guy, they tell you about interesting cars that they know about. It happens way more often than you would think, and I’m not one to turn down a possible barn find.  Because of this, I frequently find myself on fascinating adventures that that lead me to vehicles that haven’t seen humans in many, many years.  I’ve had many highs and many lows, but even the lows are better than no chase at all.  I’ve had people tell me about and/or show me a split window Corvette, an insanely rare 64 fuel injected convertible Corvette, a Ferrari 308, a Mercedes 190SL, a 64 Impala convertible SS 4-speed, a Porsche in the back of a box truck, and even an entire building full of cars from the 1920’s to the 1970’s that hasn’t seen light in decades. I really have seen some pretty incredible stuff, and it’s all because people wanted to tell their own automotive story to a fellow car-guy.

Today we’re asking you: “What is the coolest car that you have found hiding from the world around it?”

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7 thoughts to “What’s The Coolest Car That You Have Found Hidden?”

  1. 427 Cobra in a barn in RI, it was in among several nice Ford Model As. The owner restored antique stoves.

      1. Back in the 70s the guy traded a T-bucket for it. Its not like its a true covered in tarps and debris barn find other then that he stores his car collection in a barn.

  2. I live in NYC and driving to work is not economical in the pocket or in the stress department. I happen to live at the last stop of the “A” train line, so i have the option to take either the stairs at either end of the train, for some reason that day i decided to take the “end” of the train so I walked around the block behind my house, I am a car guy so i always look into peoples driveways, i come to a house where the guy always had a lot of abandoned 90s and some 80’s cars on his driveway. so i walk passed it and see a garage all the way back and thought to myself I wonder whats in there , on the way back from work i decided to walk down the same block, i look down the driveway and see they tore down the garage because it was in shambles, when I see the 4 round Corvette lights to which my eyes lit up, I decided to knock on the guys door and decided to ask him, are you selling that? he said no, we are junking it, I paused for a second and asked him , can i have it? he said sure, BUT there are baout 20 people interested, the minute he said that I called triple A and they happen to send me a huge flatbed which couln’t get in there, so i ended up calling a buddy of mines with a Montero, we yanked it out with a rope, the car was sitting there since 1980, turned out to be a 1969 River Yellow Convertible 4 speed not the highly desired 427 but still it’s a Corvette and better yet it was FREE!!!! People don’t believe this story when I tell it. i am still fixing it up till this day.

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