1A Auto Blog Asks: What’s Your Favorite Muscle Car?

1972 Monte Carlo

If you are a car enthusiast, you must have a favorite muscle car.  I know the time frame is debatable, but if we set the muscle car era to be from 1964 – 1972, we can all have a good starting point.  So now which car will it be? and why?

Me? I’m going with the 1970-72 Chevy Monte Carlo.  If and when I own one, it won’t be stock.  It needs to have an obnoxiously violent sounding engine in it.  I want to hear every cylinder of the big block ignite and blow it’s 11:1 compression out the open headers in the form of hellfire.  Behind the massive injected big block will probably sit an M-22 Muncie 4-speed.  It will whine in every gear, but it won’t matter because I won’t hear it over the open headers.  I’ll be shifting it at the edge of it’s life, and making my valve springs work overtime.  My Monte will sit on the ground, it will be so low that ants will be ducking their antennae.  The rear quarters will hide the upper half of the widened steelies and M/T slicks.  The windows will be tinted so black that I may not be able to see out of them,  I will be forced to roll them down half way when I need to.  When I stab the gas pedal to the floor, I want to feel like I was hit in the back by a rocket. Oddly enough, I also want the rear tires to fry on command.  Somehow I will figure out how to have both…..  Soo yea, that’s my favorite imaginary muscle car.

What’s yours? Why?

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19 thoughts to “1A Auto Blog Asks: What’s Your Favorite Muscle Car?”

    1. Christopher, Great choice! There is actually an orange 1970-ish Cutlass down the street from my house for sale that I want pretty badly. The smarter side of my brain keeps preventing me from going to look at it up close. I just keep telling myself that it is “probably waaaaaaay too expensive” so that I don’t end up with any more projects. 😉

      1. Yeah I know the feeling, I missed out for a red 1970 Oldsmobile 442 with a black vinyl top, a rare bench seat, column shifter Automatic, and W-30 package, factory A/C. it going for $8000
        It had minor rust in the rear quarter panel

        It is a dream car, One day I will own.

  1. 1963 1/2 (does that count?) Ford Galaxy 427 lightweight 427. Nobody could come close to me, and six passengers too. On top of that, it had a big back seat to have “fun” in.

    1. Charlie,
      Not only do I agree – but I also had a green/black convertible top/4-speed 63 1/2 Galaxy. Dual Quad, cast headers. Sweetest sound at idle. Meanest sound when kicked. Loved it!!

  2. Favorite as in “I once owned a …”, or are your talking “I always WISH I had a …”?

    Mine would be a Shelby Cobra. (that is a wish) However, these days, I think I would settle for a more ride friendly kit car of a cobra. I understand the original cars were sprung so hard that they were tough on your kidneys! 😮

    1. Tom,
      Same wish here – but I acted. However, I got a wanna be Cobra… a Sunbeam Alpine Tiger – with a Homebrew Boss 302. Red/black convertible top. Black hard top. Smokes em in all 4 gears.

  3. Dang Jeremy,
    You fantasy seemed like a climactic GM moment. You OK now? I have had the same 1971 Chevelle SS since 1980 and I should warn you that the sky could be the limit when you start putting money into an classic nowadays, but the wallet is the real Rev Limiter. Good luck on getting your dream car. Just don’t think about it….go out an get it. A reality car more fun than a dream car…..maybe.

    1. Mike,
      I try to make the writing as entertaining and descriptive as possible 😉 . Just imagine, that is just one of my dream cars. I’ll be sure to cover the others in the future!

  4. I had a 67 RS/SS Camaro. Midnight Blue, Tilt wheel, folding back seats. It even had one of the original red stripes in the trunk. I sold it before the ex could take in in a divorce.

    I wish I had it back.

  5. Straight order out of Viet Nam in 1968 came my 68 Dodge Dart GTS 340 4 speed convertible with a three quater cam, blue with a white top and interion and a RUNER!! I consistently turned 13.68 ia a quarter, strickly stock from the factory. It was like a flash of lightining and chicks loved it. Picked her up in New Orleans and headed back to Gulfport, Ms. WHAT A TIME!!!!

  6. I have been working on my dream car now for the past 4 years its a 67 Camaro rs convertible. Took it apart over the winter 5 years ago because I was boared. My grandson said I wrecked his Camaro. It is slowly coming back to life as I get older.
    I still plan on burning the tires with it one last time.

  7. These cars are bred into our system! In the older days it would have been a horse, thus comes the word horse power!

    1. Agreed! All of the E-body’s from that era are amazing! It’s too bad they are all priced at untouchable levels still. Shoot, I’d take a 318 3-speed.

    2. I had one about 25 years ago. I paid $500. for it. I started having children, so I sold it and bought a Duster. (They hold a car seat much better.) The kids still talk about when I passed the Porsche and the T~Bird at 95 mph on a California uphill in that Duster. Nice clean roads with long passing lanes. Tune a mopar right, and they were great in the top end. That was sold when I found the 76 Cherokee Chief with the 401. Now that was a monster.

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