Oil on a Spark Plug? How to Diagnose and Fix Spark Plug Tube Gaskets

If you find oil on a spark plug, on the spark plug threads, or in the spark plug well, oil is leaking from the spark plug well gaskets. Oil collected in the spark plug well, also known as the spark plug tube, is a problem since it can pile up on the ignition coil and spark plug until it causes runability issues and possibly a check engine light. This post covers the signs of a spark plug tube gasket leak, why oil would cover a spark plug or ignition coil, and how you can fix it.

How to Fix Oil in the Spark Plug Well

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Rough Idle at Cold Start? How to Diagnose Codes P050D and P219A

You start your car with the engine cold and get a rough idle and a check engine light for codes P050D and P219A. Why does this happen? This article and video explain what codes P050D and P219A mean and how you can fix a rough idle at cold start problem.

Fix Trouble Codes P050D and P219A

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How to Fix Windshield Chips

Windshields can chip for different reasons like a rock kicking up from the road or a wiper arm snapping down too quickly when changing the wiper blades. Luckily your windshield is not doomed if there is a chip in it. Chips in the windshield can be unsightly and can lead to more problems, like moisture freezing inside and later cracking and weakening the surrounding glass, leading to a costlier fix, but this can be prevented if the chips are fixed quickly. This video and article shows how to fix windshield chips quickly and easily yourself.

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How to Get a Bad Smell Out of Your Car

If your car has a musty, mildew, smoke, or other unpleasant smell that you’d like to remove, there are a few methods you can try depending on the odor. Some odors might require a deep clean that involves disassembling the car’s interior, and other odors might involve a light cleaning that requires replacing the cabin air filter. Whether the smell is pungent or minor, this guide explains how to get a bad smell out of your car with fixes for common kinds of odors like smoke or smells from the carpet.

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How to Double Flare Brake Lines

There are different flares you can make on a brake line, such as the double flare and bubble flare. Knowing how to make a bubble or double flare brake line will help with any of your DIY brake line repairs. This article and video reviews how to make bubble flare and double flare brake lines, and also how to cut and bend brake lines yourself.

How to Flare Brake Lines Yourself

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Leather Car Seat Repair

3 Ways to Fix Cracked, Torn, and Scratched Leather Car Seats

Leather seats can wear out over time. They can fade, crack, and tear with age and use. There are a few ways you can fix them when this happens. This post reviews 3 different ways to perform a leather car seat repair: bring it a to a professional, buy a leather repair kit, or buy and install a patch.

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