Common 2014-16 Toyota Corolla Problems

Mechanic Showing Toyota Corolla Problems

Common 11th gen 2014 to 2016 Toyota Corolla problems include problems with the transmission and engine mounts. Our experts explain what the causes and symptoms are for these common issues and more, and how you can fix them.

1. Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Problems

Symptoms of a Bad MAF Sensor

  • Check engine light for code P0171 or P0172
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Transmission issues
  • Affected throttle response

Causes of a Bad MAF Sensor

Usually a faulty MAF sensor triggers these codes but other parts like an engine air filter or the intake tube can too.

How to Fix a Bad MAF Sensor

Inspecting the MAF Sensor
  • Check the wires for damage
  • If you are able to read the sensor with a scan tool and the reading fluctuates when the electrical connector’s wire is moved, there is an issue with the connector’s wiring
Replacing the MAF Sensor
  • To change the MAF sensor, disconnect the electrical connector
  • Remove the screws from the sensor
  • Remove the sensor
  • We recommend not trying to clean the MAF sensor for 11th gen Corollas and to just replace it

2. EVAP Problems

Symptoms of EVAP Problems on the 11th Gen Toyota Corolla

  • A common problem on the 11th gen Toyota Corolla is not being able to clear the EVAP codes

Causes of EVAP Problems

A faulty fuel tank, vent solenoid, purge valve solenoid can all cause EVAP problems on the 14-16 Corolla, but it’s usually from a problem with the gas cap.

How to Fix EVAP Problems

How to Check the Gas Cap

Steps for Checking the Gas Cap

  1. Test for Looseness

    Without turning the gas cap, wiggle the gas cap and feel for looseness

  2. Check the Gasket

    Check the gas cap gasket for tearing, splitting, or cracking

  3. Test the Ratchet

    See how the gas cap ratchets and if it tightens

  4. Check the Fuel Filler Neck

    Check the fuel filler neck for cracking or rusting

How to Clear a Permanent EVAP Code

If you reset the code and you get a permanent code, the vehicle needs to go through a few drive cycles to clear it

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3. Fuel Issues

Symptoms of Fuel Issues

  • Engine runs rough
  • Vehicle starts up and shuts down promptly

Causes of Fuel Issues

Clogged fuel injectors are a typical problem on the 14-16 Toyota Corolla, which is usually caused by dirtier gas

How to Fix Fuel Issues

  • Drive with cleaner gas
  • Get a professional grade fuel injection cleaning, which might require a special tool to clean the valves and the fuel injection

4. Bad Engine and Transmission Mounts

Symptoms of Bad Engine and Transmission Mounts

  • Front end noise when shifting or shifting from drive to reverse or park to revers
  • Extreme thud, vibration or chattering more than normal
  • Steering wheel shakes

Causes of Bad Engine and Transmission Mounts

  • The engine mount near the front of the vehicle with a rubber bushing will disintegrate over time
  • Mount at the rear of the exhaust and behind the axle can fail
  • Mount at the top of the transmission underneath the air box can fail

How to Fix a Vehicle with Bad Engine and Transmission Mounts

  • Test by opening the hood
  • Press the brake pedal
  • Press the gas
  • Have an assistant see if the engine is rocking excessively

5. CVT Transmission Problems

Symptoms of CVT Transmission Problems on the 14-16 Toyota Corolla

  • Difficulty shifting and odd RPM readings

Causes of CVT Transmission Issues

11th Gen Toyota Corolla transmissions are different than conventional automatic transmissions They are variable transmission without gears

How to Fix CVT Transmission Issues

  • Change fluid regularly to the intervals in the owner’s manual
  • Need to remove a flute/plastic tube at the top of the transmission to drain all of the transmission fluid since removing the plug is not enough
  • If there is metal in the fluid the transmission has internal damage, and the transmission will probably need to be replaced

A fluid change will not fix drivability issues. We recommend bringing the vehicle to a professional. If there is a check engine light for transmission codes, there is likely an issue with the internal parts, which a fluid change will not fix.

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