1954 Kompac Row Boat Camping Trailer

1954 Kompac Trailer
1954 Kompac Trailer

On my weekend adventures I’m always on the look out for those cool and weird creations that might make you scratch your head. While visiting a gift shop/auto museum up in the White Mountains of NH, I stumbled upon this 1954 Kompac Boat trailer.

Less than 200 of these fiberglass boat trailers were made. The back half of the trailer was crafted to resemble a 1953 Ford. The roof of this trailer was a row boat that was made to come off so that you could do a little fishing while you were on your weekend away for some rest and relaxation.

The only problem that I can see with this creation is that there was very little room inside, you had to crawl into the trailer to catch a good night’s sleep. Speaking of catch, if you had a great day of fishing, you’d better like the smell of fish, because the roof of your vessel was used to catch those fish so that you could eat supper that night while you were away.

All in all very few of these trailers are still known to exist today, and it’s definitely up there on my list of crazy automotive contraptions that I’ve seen.




12 thoughts to “1954 Kompac Row Boat Camping Trailer”

  1. I got one of this but need to be restored. I inherited it from my parent. It has still the old plate number at the back. I will restorr this.

  2. I do love the idea of this though. I think there are a few flaws which you stated. I also wonder about getting all the water off and out of the boat. Even if you didn’t sleep in it though it’d be nice for hauling your gear?

  3. We are currently restoring one that we purchased this spring. Could you tell us which museum this was in as we are close to NH and would love to check it out.

    1. Hi Jeff, I asked Tony about this, and he said that he saw it at “Kancamagus Collectibles”, which is apparently not far from Lincoln NH. Hopefully that helps! Good luck with the restoration!

  4. HI Jeff, If you take RT 93 North towards the White Mountains, take exit 32 in Lincoln NH.

    Take a right off of the exit ramp, go back under 93 and the antique museum will be on your right a little ways down the road approx 1-3 miles.

    Hope this helps you out,


  5. Wanted to make a correction the museum will be on your left. Once you’re off the highway and are heading towards it.

    The have some pretty rare cars in there. There’s usually a Reliant Robin parked out front.


  6. Hi All, I just acquired a 1954 Kom-Pak. It is very complete but needs full restoration. I would like to get in contact with anyone with one and get some questions answered so that I can complete the project correctly. My contact info. Is renohamel@yahoo.com or 775-750-2400 thanks again, Mike

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