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Last weekend I went to the monthly car show / swap meet in Amherst NH and I saw this bench seat that had me quite intrigued.  I am pretty sure that I have never seen one of these seats before.  The owner of this seat thinks that it is from a 1968+ GTO, though he isn’t 100% sure.

So I ask you – What in the world did this seat originally come out of?  Is it really a GTO seat?  Some other A-Body?  Drop some knowledge on me.

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  1. In 1967 I ordered a GTO from the factory with a similar bench seat, it was a no cost option in place of the bucket seats and console as I recall. I have only seen one other bench seat GTO and it was a ’67 as well. This seat is not from a ’67 and I don’t know if the option was available in ’68.

    1. Great info Steve! The general shape of this seat instantly made me think 68-72 A-Body. The fact that you say that there was something similar in 1967 definitely makes me think that slightly newer GTO’s could have had these as well. I’m passing this around to some GTO enthusiast friends as well. We’ll see if anybody can confirm the suspicions.

  2. This is a Strato Bench Seat for a ’68 Grand Prix. We have an original Pontiac Dealer Colors and Interiors Book for ’68 that shows this seat on the Grand Prix Page. It is possible you could get this on other full size models. You could get a bench seat in a GTO but not this style.

  3. This is great! That is my seat. Literally! I was online researching the seat and came across this. haha. According to what i saw on legendary auto interiors web site. This seat looks just like the replacement seat cover for a 69 gto bench seat. I am looking forward to seeing more replys on this pic. I have to say it , If anyone is interested in purchasing the seat let me know or post a comment on this pic.

    1. Hi John! Glad to see you found the 1A Blog! I’m the guy that took a picture of your seat early that morning! Mike (in the comment above) knows more about GTO’s than anybody I have ever met. He is pretty confident that it is a “Strato Bench Seat for a ’68 Grand Prix.” So, I’d check around the internet for some 68 GP pictures and see if you can confirm it?

      Good Luck!

  4. So I’m a REAL late comer to this conversation. Did you ever find out what your seat was for sure? Here’s what I know. Most BOP and GM bodies were designed by Fisher. They used alot of the same accessories in all the models since it was easier and cheaper to just build one ‘mold’ for many. You have a Strato-Bench for sure. From what I can see, there’s no seat-back release buttons on the sides so your seat is either ’66 or since I can’t see the back, the release button could be in the center back which would make it ’69 or later. I usually don’t judge by the patern because after this many years it could have changed several times, however not likely by the looks from the picture.
    I’ve been looking at getting a strato-bench with passenger recliner/headrests for my ’66 LeMans Sprint. Since they did not come in the Pontiac line until later I had to look around. I’ve found that most were in the Buick line (Riviera) and Pontiac did offer a Brougham set in the larger cars in ’68 and later. I don’t care if they were not available in the LeMans/GTO/Tempst in ’66. I like them and plan on getting one. I’ve got a line on a decent ’66 Strato-bench with headrest/recliner/power.

    I’m more familiar with early Pontiac seat cover designs so I can’t help with the design ID but it’s not early Pontiac.

  5. I would like to purchase a strato bench 8 way power revcliner with head rest for my 67 442. Can anyone help me.

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